The Cry of the Spirits



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Greetings and welcome to "The Cry of the Spirits."

This site is a Fantasy Wolf rp, and strongly based on the game Okami. I´ve changed a few things about it tough*evil laugh*. Im Amaterasu the Origin of all good and the highest ranked Spirit of all but you can also call me Ammy if you want. Im also a member on the website Soul watchers and Revwarpaws . Both are awesome rp sites so if you got time then have a look. Here´s the link for Soul watchers  and Revwarpaws Feel free to look around. If you got any questions then message me. I hope you´ll have lots of Fun here 


May the fresh scent of Flowers protect you always!" — Sakuya

- I do not own the character or any of the pictures. They all belong to their rightful owners


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The Story

 Once upon a time in a land full of mistery and beauty, the celestial Spirits lived their together with the creatures on the earth. The highest ranked of all was the Sungodess Amaterasu. She is the Origin of all good and Mother to us all, she defeated the fearsome beast Orochi and protected the land from being destroyed like she already did for 100 years in the form of Shiranui. However, the evil is still not gone yet. No not at all a new ruler of darkness came to the world, a demon much more powerful than any other before. It killed all Spirits of Nature, except one Amaterasu. Now she is on search in order to find new creatures (wolves) who are worth it to become the new celestial Spirits and help her defeating the monster who had destroyed the wonderful land we have known as japan.

Do you think youll be able to become one of them...?